I’m a Graphic Designer, Information Architect, Proud Dad of 3 and an athlete at heart!

I’ll give you a perfect solution for all your visual, marketing and advertising needs – so you’ll get going with the least amount of hassle/headache.

Davis family in the fields

Why Choose Me?

in traditional, print, web, and multimedia design.

I can provide design in English, Hebrew, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic and Chinese

I focus on concepts with great typography and innovative design. For a deeper understanding, I worked for a year with a printer to provide you with a flawless design solution.

Beta-testing means that I made sure the Adobe Creative Suite was working in the Middle East, I like to think I know it better than most!

I studied traditional design (on drawing boards – cut ’n’ paste) and computer design together (i.e. I’m not just a mouse pusher)

I have a Bachelor of Arts (with honours) in Design from DeMontfort University, UK. Then I worked and did further training in New York and San Francisco.

Steve runs the marathon!


Happy Clients

Including famous brands like British Airways, Harvard University, Jerusalem Post, and more.

over 13

Years Experience

Being a designer is a career I always wanted. It’s truly amazing to use my passion for people’s work!



I can provide design in 9 different languages, including Hebrew, French, Arabic, Russian and Chinese.

British born, living for 21 years in Middle East.

Rachel and me

Family Guy

I am a happy husband to Rachel and a proud dad of 3 (aged 9, 6, and 3). My family is amazing and they bring out my creativity. At the end of the day you have to be always creative when you have 3 children.

Sport is My Passion

I am a super fit (for my age 😀 ). I love running and cycling and I never miss an opportunity to do it. I also do Kung Fu. Sport taught me self-discipline and therefore, helps me concentrate on my work.

Wanna see my previous work?


“Steve worked out all the technical aspects and hosting details and taught me how to make my own updates. He’s a good patient teacher and made sure he understood what I wanted.”

Mark Schwartz

Language Specialist

Let’s Create something amazing…