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Shoe Diagram

Illustrator vector art worked and sourced direclty from photograph ... in 1000s of layers

Logo Design 3

Logo Design 2 - Various branding and logo designs sourced by hand and realised in Adobe Creative Suite…

CPB Lawyer

Graphic concept and branding for Israeli legal practice, brochures, flyers and print materials …

G-d is King

Book Cover design and text layout using Photoshop (2 versions) and InDesign for a religious book publisher

Take it Easy!

Music book illustrations for children - sketched/drawn by hand, scanned and then finished in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Logo Design 1

Logo Design 2 - Various branding and logo designs sourced by hand and realised in Adobe Creative Suite…


Brand and design for a software testing startup, a subtle typographical device with the T denoting the human team

The Israeli Ballet

Branding, graphic and programme/flyer design for Israel’s National Ballet done mainly in Photoshop and InDesign

Real Estate Landing Page

Done for third party freelance. Landing Page design and element design, concept and realisation.

Anne’s Art

annes-art.co.uk Design for a British artist's website featuring a seamless filtered folio gallery

CBN Flyer

Graphic concept and branding for Israeli charitable foundation: brochures, flyers and print materials …

Human Illustrations

Drawn by hand, scanned in and then worked up in Photoshop for medical reference manual

Judaica Auctions

Judaica auctions, all layout and design from zero to brochures and online catalogues

Rank Above

Branding design done as freelance for SEO marketing group, Designs in print, web and media

Akiva Book

An original typographic illustration in Adobe Illustrator and realised in Photoshop for a religious publisher

Perspective on Islam

Book Cover and book layout: Original cover design in Photoshop and layout/typography in InDesign

DHC Consultancy

dhc-london.co.uk Branding design with fluid site build for a London-based private academic tutor

Adonai Roi Branding Design

Adonai Roi Branding Design:: Original Design in Photoshop and Illustrator and realised in InDesign.

Israel Firstfruits

Branding design, logo design... presentations and ongoing updates for Israeli charity in all design media

English Touring Opera

Concept design for the English Touring Opera, this poster for Cinderella.... note the slipper in the eye!

Celebration Songs

An original design for a music book publisher, first styled in Adobe Illustrator and then photo-manipulated in Photoshop


Two illustrative original designs (realised in Illustrator and Photoshop) for a religious book publisher

KeepOlim in Israel

keepolim.org Multilingual fluid and dynamic site for an Israeli charity, emphasis on content and great design.

Medical Illustration

Medical illustrations, sourced/drawn by hand then scanned and worked up in Illustrator and Photoshop

Baranovich Yeshiva

baranovich.org Catalogue and web presence for historic Jerusalem centre of Jewish learning 

Krivine Foundation

Multilingual design (Hebrew, Arabic, English) for brand/logo/tag, programmes and web for charity

Dr Daniel Keren

drdanielkeren.com Booking and promotional one-pager website for a high-profile Chiropractor in Israel

Republic of South Africa

republicofsouthafrica.org A Website for an NGO Lobby Group built with a Content Management System.


Airport Security Presentation

Airport Security
Created in Illustrator and done in Animate

Anger Guidance Presentation

Anger Guidance
A short flash movie to calm down irate professionals!

Eyeblaster Promo Video

Eyeblaster Promo Video
User guide for tech

Exent Promo Video

Exent Intro Movie
Info explanation guide

Behazdaa Introduction

Behazdaa Introduction
Infographic and explanation

Stream Demonstration

Stream Demonstration
What the tech does